PB Penetrating Catalyst

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While PB's label has remained virtually unchanged since its 1957 introduction, PB's popularity has grown phenomenally.  PB makes rusted nuts and frozen parts a struggle-free job.  PB B'laster is unequalled in its penetrating properties.  PB has no rivals when it comes to its capillary action, which allows it to squeeze into the tightest cavities and attack rust from all angles.  PB's surfactant works on parts even when they're wet, and it displaces moisture.


  • Breaks free rusted joints & frozen parts by removing surface tension
  • Powerful, concentrated penetrating catalyst
  • Non-evaporating lubricant
  • Protects against further rust & corrosion


  • Works where others fail!
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, squeaking & sticking problems
  • Saves time & equipment


  • Mechanical repairs
  • Household maintenance
  • Plumbers Aid

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